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A Range of Interlinked Products to Replace Those Tedious Tasks



Save time and regain control using MyExpenses, our advanced end-to-end staff expenses solution.

True mobile working with our GPS mobile app, OCR to auto-read receipts. Control spending limits, capture receipts and reclaim VAT with ease.



InvoiceFlow captures, recognises and organises approval for all your supplier invoices.

Advanced Workflow ensures that the right people see and authorise their teams, every time.



Record work activities with our mobile clock-in and easy desktop entry.

Advanced Workflow ensures that the right people see and authorise their teams, every time. Automatically calculate even the most complex overtime rules.



Self-service leave and absence management.

Guarantee that you are never left under-staffed with minimum departmental levels and clear planning.



Keep your drivers safe with automatic checking of vehicle tax & MOT details to maintain a safe fleet.

Automatic checking and validating driving licences to prevent worrying about your drivers' compliance.



iComply helps ensure that you stay compliant with GDPR regulations.

Build data policies and distribute to your team. Manage data assets and record all data events within your company.


Regardless of size, Point Progress software works for all companies, from the small to the large, straightforward and complex requirements.


Richard Coope

Managing Director
Helping businesses take control of staff expense and time management.

Our Unique Approach


I’m Richard Coope, the Managing Director of Point Progress.

It’s a fact. Nobody likes paperwork, and trawling through receipts, policies and other documentation can be a very tedious task.

Not only that, for those having to check it, that paperwork can be soul destroying.

It does not have to be like this. We build our software drawing from our own needs and experiences, and also those of our many loyal customers. We want easy to use software that ensured everything is correct, and kept everyone up to date. All the time.

Expectations of our users are high, and rightly so, as there is no excuse for software to be difficult, obstructive and unpleasant to use. Simple software makes for a calmer, more pleasant way to work, so we continuously improve and refine to make it the best products we can.

Due to this approach, today we have well over 100,000 users submitting claims, verifying licenses and ensuring company policy is followed from all over the world.

You have to see it to find out why, which you can do right now for free. I am convinced that together we can improve how you run your business.

Best regards,


Our Awards