Helping you and your team adapt to home working

Working from home during lockdown

We recognise that times are very difficult, so we want to help you with our tried and tested Time and Expense systems.

With super-fast setup, combined with our lowest ever price, we can help you adapt to this new way of remote working.

We are here to get you up and running with our FREE Work@Home package today.

How Can We Help? What's Included?

Easy Timesheet Entry for Homeworkers

Manage your team remotely, with flexible working patterns, and capture key activities as they happen.

Easy Expenses for Ad-Hoc Claims

For those who are now working at home, easy software to capture those ad-hoc expense claims, providing standard home-working categories to get you started.

Integration With Your Finance Software

Simple integration with your ERP, finance, payroll or HR system. Choose from one of our existing interfaces, or tuned to your requirements.

Advanced Workflow

Customisable workflow so the right information goes to the right person each time. This is even more essential with remote working.

Single Click Authorisation

Save manager’s time with one click authorisation for expenses and time activities allowing them to plan for the coming months.

End-User Support

All users can access our expert, UK-based award-winning help via phone or online, so you can relax knowing support is here to provide a helping hand.

Get Started Quickly & Easily

Setup is quick and easy, with template categories and user types for a fast, hassle free roll out.

Flexible Reporting

A combination of reporting tools available including standard reports, ad-hoc reports and an Excel add-in for further manipulation.

Safe & Secure

All of our systems are cloud based so available anytime, anywhere and backed up at our 2 data centres. Saving you any additional worries about your data.


Expense claim management


Combining two key modules to keep your business safe and productive

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Save time and stay safe with electronic timesheet submission. Paper forms are no longer a possibility and, at a time where visibility can be affected, we’re making it easy to manage employees time and maintain communication.  

Easy Entry Timesheets

Allow your team to focus on their work, provide you with the information you need to effectively manage your projects and team remotely.

Advanced Overtime Calculation

With infinitely flexible pay bands and overtime calculations, you can ensure accurate staff pay.

Activities, Projects, Client Coding

Map time to activities, projects, clients and locations, for accurate and flexible recording and reporting.


Working from home could lead to a higher level of expenses as companies may have to offer a home allowance, reimburse phone charges, stationery costs and the list goes on. Those who still have manual employee expense process or use a non-cloud-based system will likely find the change difficult.

Fast Entry Expense Claims

For those who are now working at home, easy software to capture those additional expenses.

Digital Receipts

No more lost receipt; simply snap and attach with our mobile app, removing the need to retain the original paperwork.

Maximise VAT Reclaim

Automatic calculation of VAT ensures that you are reclaiming as much as possible.

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