Be sure that your drivers are safe and legal with driver and vehicle risk management.

Streamline Your Driver Management Process

DriverCare automatically checks driving licences and vehicles tax & MOT details to maintain a safe fleet.

Give yourself time to focus on your core business without worrying about your drivers' compliance.

Ensure Drivers and Vehicles are Safe and Ready To Go

DriverCare automatically checks driving licences and vehicles tax & MOT details to maintain a safe fleet.

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Employee Checks

Checking that every employee has a valid driving licence and business insurance is essential, as most accidents at work occur whilst driving.

Vehicle MOT & Tax Checks

Ensure that your vehicles, both fleet and grey fleet, are using is safe, legal and roadworthy, checking their live MOT and tax status.

Don't Take Risks

If an accident occurs, failure to show that you have taken all necessary steps to ensure their safety could be seen as negligence and lead to expensive litigation costs.

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Driver Management

Protect your business and your drivers.

Automated Driving Licence Checks

Confirm your drivers' licence validity, including licence type and qualifications.

Driver Risk Assessment

DriverCare will help you categorise risk, providing more frequent checks for higher risk drivers.

This can be based on number of points, young drivers or inexperienced drivers.

Document Expiry Reminders

Your staff are automatically alerted when actions need to be taken, or when documents are being requested.

Vehicle Management

Complete control of your fleet at your fingertips.

DVLA Linking

With a live link to the DVLA, retrieve vehicle details, current tax and MOT status instantly, providing peace of mind that all is up-to-date.

Automatic Document Checks

DriverCare knows when your vehicle documents are due for renewal, so will automatically schedule further checks upon expiration.

No Vehicle Limit

Drivers can set up any number of vehicles, or multiple drivers can be registered to one vehicle.

Everything is handled automatically for you.

DriverCare driving licence checking app

Driver Compliance

Providing control and visibility of your business.

Enforce Company Policy

Request any additional documentation relevant to your company policy such as training sign off.

Snap and Attach

Easy upload of requested documents, such as insurance, making them available for checking, and storing for reference in case they are ever needed.

Employee Safeguarding

Linking DriverCare with Expenses enables further validation before employees can create mileage claims.

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