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Travel Expense App for Business

Capturing expenses in real-time helps prevent the end of month rush.

Snap and Attach

Using our mobile apps, with the latest OCR technology and intelligent processing, receipt details are automatically read to make the claim recording easy.

Digital Receipts

No more lost or torn receipts, as they are captured on the move. Maximise your VAT reclaim and prevent wasted time chasing claimants.

Speedy Approvals

Send your expense claim for approval in seconds. With a single click, managers can approve claims with confidence.

Capture business travel expenses on the go
Available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store

Snap & Attach

Photograph receipts and create claims lines on the go.


Using the latest OCR (optical character recognition), together with our intelligent processing, the details of a receipt are automatically read to make the claim easy to create.

GPS Mileage

Prevent inflated claims with accurate mileage using point-to-point GPS journey tracking.