AA Closes DriveTech Driving Licence Checking Service

Realtime Links to the DVLA for Accurate Driving Licence Details

Cloud-based Driving Licence Checking

Manage Your Drivers Documents

  • Schedule automatic checks to save administration time.
  • Create alerts when driving licences accrue penalty points or are due to expire.
  • Ensure you don't miss a licence check with DriverCare software.
  • Linking with MyExpenses gives you clarity that staff who drive are providing accurate mileage.
Mileage expense tracking software
Vehicle checking software
  • Real-time links to DVLA ensures accurate and up to date vehicle information.
  • Create alerts before vehicle documents expire, ensuring you don't miss a check.
  • Linking with MyExpenses ensures maximum VAT reclaim on mileage.
  • Keep your drivers safe no matter what size of business.

The Only Tool You'll Ever Need to Manage Your Employee Expenses

Instant results from DVLA

Instantly receive results of driving licence and vehicle checks and give yourself peace of mind that your fleet is compliant.

Driver Risk Management

Schedule more frequent licence checks for high risk staff such as new or inexperienced drivers.

Save Precious Administration Time

Automatic driving licence checks allow you to focus on your core business while our software does the work.

DVLA Linking

Retrieve vehicle details, the current tax and MOT status, instantly, providing peace of mind that all is up-to-date.

Checking Automation

DriverCare knows when your vehicle documents are due for renewal, so will automatically schedule further checks upon expiration.

Multi-Vehicle Registration

Drivers can set up any number of vehicles, or multiple drivers can be registered to one vehicle. Everything is handled automatically for you.

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