Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive list of the questions we commonly get asked.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

We do more than that!
We offer free access to our software for 2 months, allowing you to start integrating our software into your business completely free.
We will provide you with a new site and walk you through the initial setting up, helping with some of the complex capabilities.
We think so, as MyExpenses is the most comprehensive, flexible expense management system on the market.
There is not a request we cannot answer, as it is likely that we will have encountered the same requirements before. If we haven’t, don’t worry. We will find a way to help you and can tailor MyExpenses to your exact requirements.
We are here to answer you questions. You can use our chat facility, which should be to the bottom right of this screen, or you can call us on +44 (0) 1270 611800.
Yes, all of our software complies with GDPR regulations and MyExpenses is fully compliant.
For the free 2 months access we do not require any payment information at all and you don’t need to  sign a contract either.
Only if you proceed to purchase a piece of our software is a contract necessary.
The answer to that depends very much on the number of users you have.
Our pricing is based on active users, so you do not have to pay for those who do not use the software. It also means that a user can put as may claims in as they like, but you won’t be charged any extra.
Let us create a quote for you to show you how cost effective it can be for you.
We will help you every step of the way, and the answer to this really depends on how you would like everything setup.
Suffice to say, we can have your site available almost as soon as you sign up. We will then help you load your users, coding, categories, and everything else.
You will then be ready to go-live.
The time can be anything from a day to a couple of weeks.
Not at all.
We get you going with our software for 2 months completely free, meaning you can start using and getting used to our software before paying a single penny.
Integration with other systems has been our business for 20 years. When it comes to integrations, we know what we are doing!
We have many, many options, and can integrate with every system we have come across.
If you’re wondering whether we can integrate with anything specific, take a look at our software integrations page, or simply get in touch with us.
Booking a demo of any of our software tools is easy.
Simply fill in the form and we will get the demo booked in for you.
Can’t find what you need? Our award-winning customer care team is here to help.