Powerful supplier invoice authorisation

InvoiceFlow automatically captures and recognises supplier invoice data, streamlines approval and easily integrates with finance

Providing control and visibility for your business

Faster Invoice Processing Time

Reduce Invoice Processing Costs

Decreased Risk Of Human Error

Quick return on investment

Remove cost and hassle relating to paper storage


Reduction in lost documents

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UK Support Team

Friendly, award winning help-desk with 100% satisfaction rating, available by phone, email and online.

Safe & Secure

High availability, UK-based servers, backed by a ISO27001 certified company.

UK Data Centre

Servers at two separate UK data centres securely house all of your information.

"Point Progress software is really simple and easy to use, I would recommend this to anyone considering investing in Point Progress’ platform."

InvoiceFlow invoicing system
Supplier invoice authorisation

Superior administration

Approval using our advanced workflow technology

Single or Multi Steps

Have any number of authorisers at each stage of approval.

Simple or Complex

Complete customisation allows you to make your workflow as simple or complex as you need.

Your Own Rules

You decide how our software works, based on flexible coding, value, department, suppliers and more.