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GPS Mileage

Accurate mileage claims using GPS, or if you prefer, postcode journey entry.

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Auto-Read Receipts

Automatically reading the receipt you have snapped, including the date and important values.

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Quick Claim Entry

If everything looks okay, submit the claim.

Maintain total control of your receipts

Benefit from a truly mobile workforce

Photograph and store your receipts, automatically read the information and capture your location using the in-built GPS services. Our mobile app allows you to access and add to your expenses, anytime, anywhere to document receipt which are synced across all devices, and aid mileage claims.

OCR receipt reading

With our Optical Character Recognition technology, your receipts are scanned for important dates, values and VAT. This is then added to a claim line automatically so you don’t have to. This information is stored in ReceiptStash, along with the image of the receipt, for later use.

Manage your expenses with confidence

MyExpense Mobile GPS

Accurate mileage

In a mileage claim, you can either record your journeys through the mobile app using GPS, or manually enter the postcodes of each stop on a journey. We update the HMRC mileage rates every quarter to ensure correct mileage reclaim value on every claim.

Built-in policy adherence

With policy adherence built in to the claim process, claimants can ensure their claims comply with company policy; and managers can be safe in the knowledge that they can approve claims with confidence.

Easily track your balances and manage advances

Credit card matching

Create claims from a statement by simply adding your uploaded receipts to each statement line and saving. Additionally, you can create claim lines for your card account items as you go, matching them off against your statement. On-screen accounts keep track of the values reconciled so everything purchased is accounted for.

Managing advances & petty cash

You can manage and account for cash given for business trips in MyExpenses, by creating claim lines against your foreign currency advance account. Also request an advance, with full workflow authorisation and account for and return any cash at the end of the trip. Manage departmental or company petty cash, for those incidental expenses that can occur.

We integrate with leading finance and business software

MyExpenses works with all systems, providing control and visibility for your business through information integration

Flexible reporting

Expense Claim Reporting

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Make it quick and easy for your employees to submit their expenses

Make it quick and easy for your employees to submit their expenses