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Powerful Mobile Expense Management‚Äč


Carefully designed to transform your expense management.

Accurate Mileage

Approve claimants journeys with confidence knowing they have recorded the distance via GPS or postcodes.

Use the on screen journey details to check the full route taken

Any additional mileage will be displayed on a separate line with a reason, no need to hold up the approval for the whole trip.

Speedy Approvals

With policy adherence built into the claim process, managers can approve claims with confidence.

As all expense claim information is shown on a single line, managers can approve with one click.

Large receipt image, pdf's converted to images for quick approval view

Digital Receipts

No more time wasted matching piles of paper receipts to claim lines.

Maximise VAT reclaim with fewer expense receipts lost as they are photographed and uploaded straight away.

Large receipt images on each claim line make approvals quick and easy.


Key information read and stored automatically.

With one button a claimant can use OCR to read dates, values and VAT from a receipt image.

Feel confident on claim line approval because MyExpenses is providing receipt information

App Approval

Approve claims from anywhere with our mobile app

Large receipt images and all information on one line

Denied claim lines are split off so the whole claim is not held up.

Email notifications

Instant email notifications for claims awaiting approval.

Keep on top of claim authorisation by approving claims as soon as you are notified

No need to login and check, just follow the link in the email.

Faster approval decisions

With receipt images, claim information and policy warnings all available in one place approval decisions are quick to make.

All claim information in one place means quick one click approval

Denied lines can either be returned to the claimant for correction or to another manager for additional approval.

Advanced workflow

Truly flexible workflow allows claim lines to be routed through the approval process for a multitude of different reasons.

Set your conditions based on user, value, coding, category, to name a few...

Set your rules, send to one manager, allow a selection from a group of manager and so on...

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