MyExpenses Claims


Powerful Mobile Expense Management‚Äč

Accurate Mileage

  • GPS Locator
    With GPS built in to make recording your journeys easy and accurate, you can create and submit your expense claims anytime, anywhere.
  • Postcode to Postcode
    Enter the postcodes of each stop on a journey on the MyExpenses App or Desktop.
  • Correct Mileage Rates
    Quarterly HMRC rate updates mean correct mileage reclaim value on every journey.
MyExpense Mobile GPS

Digital Receipts

  • Snap Receipts
    No more, bulging wallets / purses, or lost / torn receipts. Photograph receipts as soon as you get them and throw them away.
  • Receipt Stash
    Store receipt images in MyExpenses ready to add to claim lines or reconcile business card statements.
  • Flexible Entry
    Add details when saving the receipt in MyExpenses, they will transfer to the claim line when the receipt is selected.


  • OCR Technology
    We use Google OCR (optical character recognition) to read dates, values and VAT from a receipt so you don't have to search the receipt to find them.
  • Easy
    Just photograph the receipt with the MyExpenses app, or desktop and press the OCR button.
  • Always Improving
    As OCR technology improves, so are we. We will include the company name and category options soon.
MyExpense Claims Receipts
Expense Tracking Interface

Save Claims On-The-Go

  • Multi-devices
    MyExpenses is available on mobile, tablet, laptop and PC, all you need is a web browser or our mobile app.
  • All In One Place
    Just photograph receipts, track journeys and bring them all together in one claim.
  • Automatic Sync
    Synchronise saved claims and receipts across all devices.

Credit Card Matching

  • Create Claims From a Statement
    Simply add your uploaded receipts to each statement line and save. No bulky receipts and no notes to remember what you spend 4 weeks ago.
  • Match to a Statement
    If you prefer, create claim lines for your card account items as you go, matching them off against the statement when it is available.
  • At a Glance Balances
    On-screen accounts keep track of the values reconciled so everything purchased is accounted for.

Advances & Petty Cash

  • Cash Advances - Any Currency
    Manage and account for cash given for business trips in MyExpenses, by creating claim lines against your foreign currency advance account.
  • Advance Management
    Request an advance, with full workflow authorisation. Account for and return any cash at the end of the trip.
  • Petty Cash
    Manage departmental or company petty cash, for those incidental expenses that can occur.

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