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MyExpenses works with all systems, providing control and visibility for your business through information integration

Outbound files


We provide flexible outbound interfaces allowing the transfer of authorised claim information into your finance, ERP, Payroll or HR solution.


The formats and methods include CSV, TXT, Excel and XML files, which can be tuned to your specific needs.


Our DataXtract tool also allows claim and user information complete with attachments to be downloaded as a WinZip file. This is a particularly useful tool for auditing.

Inbound Files


Import credit card statements from any bank in .CSV or .TXT format.


The statement lines are automatically assigned to the claimants for reconciliation.


Keep on top of  user and coding changes with inbound interfaces from Payroll or HR systems. Our helpdesk team will work with you to produce a bespoke interface matching your requirements.

Single Sign On


We support many SSO protocols including SAML and Azure Active Directory.


Our technical team will work with you to confirm the Active link so there is no need for your users to remember login details.



For our NHS customer our expenses software seamlessly integrates into ESR using the inbound and outbound feeds.

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We are now Sage Authorised Developers

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