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Manage Company Policies

Digital Receipts

  • No More Excuses
    No more lost or illegible receipts, as they can be captured on the move.
  • Easy Storage
    Maximise your VAT reclaim.
  • Save Time
    Prevent wasted time chasing claimants.

Card Statements

  • Business Card Statements
    Online business card statements, claimants just need to attach their receipts and create a claim.
  • Total Visibility
    Complete spend visibility for you and up to date claims for your claimants.
  • Automatic VAT Calculation
    Automatic calculation of VAT or sales tax by expense type ensures reclaim for all expenditure is maximised.

HMRC Compliance

  • Fuel Rates
    Quarterly advisory fuel rates updates in line with HMRC.
  • P11D
    P11D reporting for mileage and any other preset categories.
  • Automatic VAT Rates
    No receipt? The VAT rate will be automatically set to 0%.

Advances and Petty Cash

  • Expense Tracking
    Keep track of how claimants pay for expenses with Card, Expense, Advance and Petty Cash accounts in any currency.
  • Integration With Your Finance System
    Batch and interface claims by account type and record in your finance system.
  • Multi-Currency System
    Account fully for advances in any currency, tracking receipted claims and unused balances.

Enforce Company Policy

  • Applies Company Rules
    With validation on categories, claims and claimants, keep expenses within defined limits.
  • Policy Integrity
    Use of out-of-policy warnings and duplicate alerts to prevent suspicious claims, providing confidence that all aspects of your policy are followed.
  • Company Policy Storage
    Upload your company policy into MyExpenses for all claimants to read.

Terms and Conditions

  • T&C Agreement
    Agreement to specific T&C's when submitting and authorising claims.
  • Flexible Terms
    Terms and Conditions can also be applied when adding a vehicle to confirm the correct insurance is in place.
  • Easy To Update
    T&C's are easy to update and roll out if you have a policy change in the future.

Claim Warnings

  • Protection From Fraudulent Claims
    Warning messages for claimants and authorisers if claim is suspected as fraudulent.
  • Duplicate Claim Warnings
    Duplicate claim line warnings including the duplicate claim number.
  • Policy Protection
    Out of policy claim line warnings.

Checking Policy

  • Ensuring Policy Adherence
    Make sure all claims adhere to your company policy.
  • Claim Limits
    Set limits on expense categories and how far back items can be claimed for.
  • Policy Enforcement
    Enforce receipt attachments and additional descriptions.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Extra Protection
    Add extra protection to the login process with Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Advanced Technology
    Google technology used generates an additional code on login.
  • Flexible Usage
    Sometimes used for Admin logins only for extra security.

Claim Messages

  • System Messages
    Notify users with system messages shown on the desktop and login screens.
  • Email Distribution Tool
    Send an email to groups of claimants from our email distribution tool.
  • Payment Dates
    Put payment dates on authorised claims to keep claimants up to date.

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