MyExpenses Reporting


Powerful Mobile Expense Management​

Unique Reporting Tools to Manage Your Employee Expenses

Flexible Reporting

Providing full analysis of your expenses and spend.

Reports are grouped into access levels linked to your user profile.

Claimants can see their own claim information.

Managers can see their own and those of their team.

The Expense team can see everything.

Standard reports have useful filters, columns and are pre formatted.

Lots of different options to export results to including, Excel, .CSV, PDF and others

MyExpenses Reporting
MyExpenses Reporting

Report Views

Real time reporting on all information in the database.

Look at expense, mileage, coding or user data. 

Customise and save the views, adding filters, groups and sorting.

Export any results to Excel for additional pivoting.

Excel Report Manager

Our unique Excel add-in, enabling direct access to your MyExpenses information from Excel.

Securely connect to your database and extract key information for manipulation.

You can even update your user, vehicle or coding setup with our download/upload facility.

Download data, make changes and upload into MyExpenses in a completely safe way.

MyExpenses Reporting
MyExpenses Reporting


Report specifically on P11D expense categories.

Save time collating information for annual returns.

Track business mileage using cumulative reports grouped by employee and vehicle.

Audit mileage rates, confirming each employee has been repaid at the correct rate throughout the financial year.

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